From Where We Are Today

The Tollhouse Company

A historical journey through time from 1066 and the Bayeux Tapestry to 1956 and Rock 'n' Roll.

From Where We Are Today was the 3rd and final CD and Book package produced to allow follow up work by the schools we visited.
The production of the book and accompanying CD was partly funded by an award from The Golsoncott Foundation.

VIEW THE BOOK: From Where We Are Today (pdf)

The Tollhouse Company toured primary schools throughout the UK from 1990 until 2002. Conceived by Roy Griffiths (me), Barbara Griffiths and John Crowe the history based shows were designed to tie in with the national curriculum KS1 and KS2.
The shows were usually performed to the whole school. Every song was a chorus song to encourage joining in and volunteers were asked to come onto the stage area and assist with demonstrations at the same time. Each show was designed to last one hour.