Previous Collaborations

Witcham Toll

Coming together in 1986 'Witcham Toll' was formed by Roy Griffiths, Barbara Griffiths and John Crowe.
All tracks are traditional except for 'The Hiring' which was written by Brian Cookman.

Roy Griffiths: Vocals, Melodeon, bassoon, whistle and recorder.
Barbara Griffiths: Vocals, keyboard, accordion, coconuts.
John Crowe: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and fiddle.

Originally released as a CD in 1988 the sound on this will (sadly) not be perfect. However as this was an early recording when myself, Barbara Griffiths and John Crowe formed the group. I thought it was worth including here.

In 1990 we created a musical theatre company to tour primary schools, changed our name to The Tollhouse Company and toured the UK from then until 2002.